We are Creating a Culturally/Religiously Appropriate Wrestling activewear called LONGLET.

The implementation of our mission is of importance not only at the level of universal barriers of women’s sports but also at the level of local problems. There are still major groups of girls and women all over the world who need  a substantial support for inclusion into certain sports but their religious beliefs or social norms never let them to get involved because of one major barrier: The lack of their appropriate active-wear. Gender Equity Wrestling Association is working to engage these groups in their favourite sports in general and in the sport of wrestling in particular by providing them with the opportunity to wearing their appropriate outfit called — LONGLET. 

LON-GLET is the first full covered sport/wrestling active-wear. GENEQ.W has designed a reinforced yet secure fashionable outfit with very easy moving fabrics to compete. The design consists of all concerns necessary to protect the athletes while observing wrestling rules. LONG-LET honors and enables women of all cultures and religions to experience what they never had an opportunity to do. 

LONG-LET is available in three styles of full cover bodysuits to meet the different and specific needs of the Muslim female athletes and cultures:




Each style of LONG-LET includes separate parts that are individually ideal for different functions and needs 

  • Basic Bodysuit

  • Bodysuit-Shorts: Ideal for additional coverage in lower body

  • Bodysuit-Tank top: Ideal for additional coverage in upper body body

  • Tank top - Hijab 

  • Hair cover/cap 

Through our upcoming campaign you can either pre-order a LONG-LET or contribute to sponsoring an athlete.