Support what we do

  • To embark on the duty of female wrestling promotion via interviewing and covering the stories of men and women wrestlers in our radio shows and allowing an space for wrestlers to connect with their fans
  • To support IOC activities towards gender equity and support sports such as wrestling to keep its position in the Olympics
  • To raise social awareness and provide wrestling community with inspiring stories about the wrestlers via our attendance in different tournaments and events.
  • To create an opportunity for the women wrestlers as the role models of their community to connect with their fans via interviews, photos, and videos on our other social media networks
  • To draw the attention of local media audience and in particular the women in the local community to the performance of the world class women champions


We invite organizations or individuals to join us if they

  • Believe in Freedom of Inclusion
  • Care about the importance of empowering marginalized groups of women
  • Believe in the high-standard of confidence wrestling can provide for all genders


Contact us at for more information


Gender Equality in Wrestling is a non-profit organization formed under Section 501 of Alberta Society - Government of Alberta, Canada.

Any donation will be put towards our empowering projects e.g. to design culturally/religiously-Appropriated outfit, journalism and media purposes to support women’s wrestling.

There is no donation limits. You can donate as little or as generous as you wish. It all will make a difference.